What We Want

Eschatology wants well written, original short fiction up to around 1000 words. There is no firm maximum word count, though pieces exceeding the 1000 word guideline by too much are likely to be rejected.  We seek quality works of Weird Fiction, featuring strong atmosphere, characters and plot.  Lovecraftian stories are always welcome, however there mus be more than tentacled monsters or simple name-dropping of unpronounceable words.  We prefer your own take on Lovecraft and the Mythos; pastiche will be hard sells.  Caitlin R. Kiernan’s “Houses Under the Sea” and China Mieville’s “Details” are stellar examples of the former. Best read works will have an original voice and take on old themes.

Reprints, Multiple and Simultaneous Submissions

Eschatology does not accept reprints or simultaneous submissions. We do not accept multiple submissions; please wait until you have a response before submitting more work.

Content Standards

Graphic scenes and obscenity are acceptable if they are integral to the piece, within reason. Eschatology has no interest in stories that are only gratuitous depictions of sex or gore. We may reject a story for any reason. Submission does not equal automatic acceptance.

How To Submit

Use the submissions link at the bottom of the page.

— The story should be double-spaced, in a readable font, and as you originally formatted it, paragraphs indented, italicized words in italics, etc.  We prefer submissions be in the proper manuscript format, found here.

— In your cover-letter, include your contact history, a short bio, two to three lines, as well as any credits or relevant websites you wish to plug.

Eschatology will respond to your submission as soon as possible. If you have not heard back within 30 days, please feel free to inquiry about the status of your submission.

Editorial Caveat

Stories should be thoroughly proofread before submission. We do understand that minor mistakes will slip by and we will correct them before publication on the website. Minor grammarical changes may be made to the story; however, we will seek the author’s permission before publication.


Eschatology pays $.01 a word, payable upon publication on the website.  Payments are made by PayPal only.


Eschatology buys non-exclusive rights to publish your work on the website. The author retains all other rights and all responsibilities of the piece. This means you are free to have it published elsewhere at any other time and are responsible if the rights to the story are questioned or if there are accusations of plagiarism. Stories can be removed if the author wishes, by sending an email to the address above.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to the EschatologyJournal AT