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Hello Eschatology fans.

First off, thank you for reading and contributing over the past year-and-a-half.   Watching submissions come in and the hit-counter rise keeps us going.  When the idea for a flash-fiction journal came about in September 2010, we only had hopes the journal would still be publishing almost 2 years later, and no idea Eschatology would be the success it has become.  Again, thank you!

Eschatology has been a labor of love for us.  We did not get into this for the sake of making money.  We do it for the joy of publishing, nothing more.   That we have been able the first “sell” for so many writers or the first time they are paid for their work makes this worthwhile.   For an emerging writer just starting their craft, seeing your name in print, and/or getting paid, for the first time is a BIG THING.   That first credit can be between continuing writing or giving up.  We are very proud of what we have built here.

We have ideas, big ideas.  Eschatology would like to increase the rate-per-word we pay our authors.   Higher rates would attract more writers.  More writers means more stories for you, faithful fans.   We’d like to bring you longer fiction, not just flash pieces.  And we would like to expand into the world of podcasting.

The fees we pay authors and the costs associated with maintaining the site is completely out-of-pocket by us.   However, the big ideas we have take a good amount of money.

That is where you come in, dear fans.  We are asking your help in making these ideas a reality.  For just a small contribution, they can be.  If just half the readers we have in an average week contributed $1, we could raise our author-fees to the semi-pro level.

Those who give will be get something out of it.

For $1 — your name will be listed on our new Patrons page, along with any link you would like us to run (with some restrictions*).

For $3 — your name will run at the top of a story’s page as that story’s sponsor (we will provide you with a list of upcoming stores, and allow you to choose which story you wish to sponsor).  Your name will also appear on our Patrons page.

If you want to help, click the PayPal button below.

We’re not in this to profit.  Money donated goes to pay our authors, keep the site running and expand.

We know times are tough.  Don’t take this as a guilt-trip.  If you don’t have the means to contribute, so what?  We are just as happy you are here reading and spreading the word about Eschatology.

Whether you can or can’t contribute, THANK YOU for being part of Eschatology.

(*no websites of a pornographic, religious or political nature)

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