12 comments on “LOW HANGING CLOUDS by T.E. Grau

  1. Nice story with an original idea. Back in the olden days, when I was in college, I learned water doesn’t escape the earth’s atmosphere so if there’s a draught in one place in the world there’s flooding in another. Might want to add a line for contrast. Anyway, well done!

  2. Not at all. A drought in one place does not mean a flood in another. True, the Earth never loses water, however, that does not mean it is always in the form of a liquid or (and especially) fresh water. The world could experience a global drought, the water being locked in ice or the ocean.

  3. And just to be pedantic, the Earth does lose and gain water all the time. The sun splits water molecules to their base atoms and these atoms are light enough to escape the atmosphere. However, we also gain water from meteors. The exchange is constant, so for all intents and purposes, the Earth neither loses nor gains water.


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