2 comments on “TIME, AND TIDE by Stephen Ramey

  1. You offer an outstanding concept and excellent writing. My only problem–it’s a pet peeve– is that the narration is fist person present tense and the narrator dies at the end so how could he tell the story? A third-person past tense narration might serve you better.

  2. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I did consider past tense third person (that’s generally the choice I make), but felt immediacy was an important aspect of this particular story. While I generally do not like first person, that also felt right for this one, in that it hedges bets on objective truth. Third person creates a better opportunity to pull a reader into a world, but it also demands a more objective truth (i.e. a “fair” telling of events and “reality”). First person can be a gloriously unfair telling so long as it’s true to the character perspective and voice. Yes, that’s a bit of an oversimplification since there are degrees of third person, but it was my thinking. As for dying at the end, please consider that this is present tense (i.e. happening before your eyes), not past (i.e. being related from some future place). None of this changes your reading experience, however, and I regret that I did not satisfy you completely in that regard. I’ll do better next time. Honest 🙂

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