6 comments on “THE CREATED by Timothy Remp

  1. I want to personally thank Eschatology for publishing my story.

    Mars, blood red and desolate, has always held my imagination and I thought a perfect fit for Lovecraftian tale.


  2. I have to admit, I cringed at some of the vivid descriptions (tearing a map of flesh was especially gruesome), but the story held me captive until the end.
    This story is a perfect medling of science fiction and horror. Well done, Tim.

  3. Scene setting is as graphic as the gruesome details, the skin ripping, the offering to the tentacled being, all left memorable scenes in my head. Well told!

  4. outstanding! a perfect bit of c’thulian horror, and now the great old ones are one step closer to earth… Nicely done!

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